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Hi guys! After learning how to upload Sims, I present to you all my first follower gift! These two are very important to me; they were the founders of my Windsor Legacy! I love them both very much, and hopefully you do as well!

My TOU applies if you download them. :)

They both use the following:

Skin || Eye Defaults || Eyelashes 

CC for Patina:

Hair || Eyebrows || Eyeshadow || Blush || Lipstick (N22) || Shoes

Her clothing is from the Sims Store, but Eternila makes an alternative that you can find here

CC for Primrose:

Hair || Eyebrows || Eyeshadow || Blush || Lipstick (N33) || Shoes

Primrose’s outfit is from University Life

Also, because I am lazy, I use Jordan’s sliders folder. I am not sure if they need sliders (it’s been a while since I’ve made them, sorry) but you can find the file here


Please enjoy them!! Thanks for being my friend! :)

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