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omfg they are adding a character to the insurgent movie who does not exist in the books for a love triangle

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windsors are so weird

breeze is clipping hella bad through typhoon’s body, pandora is hugging invisible lumi, and harmony is standing in the corner, still singed. 

Parker did this strange dance move while he watched his parents hug. 

This townie came over (in a wedding dress?? o_o) and Ricardo tested out his cool new jokes on her.

She wasn’t impressed and left immediately.

Ricardo’s garden is pretty impressive now! :D

i made my selfsim!!! :DDDD

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i’m still kind of in the same face phase with the sims 4 but oh well at least i am having fun :3

ria and i downloaded some face makeup cc and while some of it looks bad in game, a lot of it looks really good! :D

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