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games crashing

i have to read this essay by emerson and it’s 30 pages long and i’ve been reading for an hour and i am only 10 pages in

Anonymous asked: -envious glare- geeeeeeeeeee >_>


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i thought i’d only need to cut off 6 inches but i guess my hair was longer than i thought and needed to get 10 inches cut to where i wanted it. it’s a touch shorter than i wanted it because the hair stylist didn’t realize how much my hair curls up, but that’s okay because i feel so FREE!!!! i thought i’d miss my long hair because i had been growing it out for so long but i don’t and im honestly just really happy

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Anonymous asked: Why haven't you posted anything for the Windsors in a few weeks? I miss them!

well it’s only been 2 weeks.

but there are a number of reasons. one, i am still in summer school so i have very limited time for playing. most days i am unable to devote any time to sims much less a good chunk of time to sit down and play a legacy. i am only able to play on friday and saturday since every other day is dedicated to getting my assignments done.

since i have so little time to play, even on days when i do not have assignments due, the last thing i want to do is go into my save of eight sims. my game doesn’t really lag, but since i have so little time, i wanna get right down to having fun and escaping from 18th century literature.

the windsors right now aren’t a good escape for me, but my rags to riches save is. there is something so refreshing about having such a simple save: only one sim, very limited items, and there are countless things she can do to earn money. frankly i have been having so much fun with the save that when i have time to play again, i want to keep going! 

so yeah, i am not sure if i will be playing the windsors for another 2 weeks. my summer class is halfway over, and when it ends i will have a couple of weeks before the fall semester starts back up.

i am sorry you miss them, but frankly, i don’t really miss them too much yet! every now and then i need a break from such a demanding save, and right now i do. but i won’t stop playing them permanently so you don’t have to worry about that. :)

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not at all! just talk about how it reinforces traditional stereotypical gender roles enforced by men and that they’re inherently sexist

okay, i will! 

i will probably share my commentary on tumblr later on when i write it to make sure i am not being too impassioned that i come across as being a bully because i do want my voice to be heard and to get my point across but ye

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Anonymous asked: Why in your last post did you say "fiance" when u usually call her by her name...

i dunno? to be honest i didn’t really think about it

does it matter?

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if this bothers you and I'm sorry if you've answered this before or its in your resources or whatever (I'm on mobile so i can't check) but what hq mod do you use? your graphics are amazing >3<

thank you!!

actually, no one has asked! which is good because i am not exactly sure which one we have since ria installed it on our computer. all i know is that the HQ mod we use is one by simsl3gacies with no glow. it is at medium strength because ria and i have never used an HQ mod before and we didn’t want to kill our graphics card. 

i only turn it on for photoshoots, though! 

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Okay, so I really worked my ass off and made a lot of updates!

Blair steals every day. >_>; I feel bad about it, but she needs the money and she only manages $400 on average each time she goes. She’ll donate to charity when she’s rich.

I’ve also utilized her Mooch trait! She managed to mooch around $100 off some of her neighbors. 

I also sold her guitar because for some reason, ever since I built on the deck, she doesn’t play it. She takes it out and then puts it away immediately. So, that was another 300 something dollars in her pocket. I also had her sell the extra things in her inventory including some fish and her camera. She also still paints and sells them right away.

So! I expanded the house so she has a little bit more room and she now has a fridge and is sitting pretty at $6044. I bought her a lot of lotto tickets so keep your fingers crossed!

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