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Same <3 can’t wait for your posts.. glad to see someone else posting their sims 4 stuff here, tho. I will be posting s3 and s4 on this blog as well.

yeah! more power to the people who can run two blogs but i’m lazy!

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just a head’s up!

i will not be abandoning the sims 3. however~ i am excited to play the sims 4! so most of what you will be seeing in the next few days from me that isn’t queued will likely be the sims 4!

i am not making a separate blog for the sims 4, all of it’s going on here (sims 3 and sims 4…maybe sims 2 if i start!) because it’s hard enough for me to keep track of two blogs! everything will be tagged accordingly!

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julia526 asked: Going to start reading the Windsors legacy! I am pretty excited

i hope you like it! :D

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Breeze: Your brother told me that people are starting to…to talk about you at school. Pandy, you know I love you. You know we all do. But the…the kids at school don’t love you like we do. They can be cruel.

Pandora: Mom, it’s fine. I don’t care what people say about me. 

Breeze: I just don’t want you to get hurt, Pandy. 

Pandora: I won’t! Mommy, I’m tough. The laughing doesn’t hurt me. It only makes me want to prove that Lumi is real to everyone!

Anonymous asked: I meant the white border, i'm so dumb i'm sorry lol

no you aren’t! i just have a few white borders that i add to my pictures so i wasn’t sure which one!

if you mean the faded border, i just use the stroke tool in photoshop set to 20% opacity!

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Breeze: Pandora, sweetie, we need to talk…it’s about Lumi.

Pandora: Not again…

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Their faces! x3

What I found was creepy is that the TV turned on while Harmony was telling the ghost story. You can see from the second picture that it was off! Maybe gnomes can watch TV?

Harmony: Ready?!

Typhoon: AHHHH!!!

Harmony: HEY!! FAMILY!!! Who wants to hear a ghost story?!

Typhoon: It smells like burnt hair in here…

Pandora: And flesh…

Breeze: Typhoon, Pandora…let’s just go listen to your big sister and pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary.

Typhoon: *sighs* Fine.

Pandora: Okay mom!